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12 December 1989

 ★ about
20. Student. Future Lawyer (hopefully). Ambitious. Easily Amused. Friendly. Curious. Impulsive. Emotional. Sometimes Naive. Messy. Easily Distracted. Sometimes Indecisive. Silly. Spazzy. Fangirl. TV addict. Book Worm. Old School Rock Fan. Previously known as i_will_dare_89
List of all the TV shows I've ever watched

 ★ friending policy
I love making new friends but with uni getting in the way it gets harder to keep up with a bigger flist, that's why I'm only selectively adding people right now.
I'm more likely to add you if we've already talked or I know you from somewhere. A lot of fandoms and interests in common are great too.
If you'd like to be friends, please go and comment to this entry.

 ★ links
imagine_wings - my graphics community
legendland - a land comm about Legend of the Seeker
faeworld - a land comm about Lost Girl

 ★ credits
Stylesheet by refuted
Profile and gif in profile by me
Gif in FO entry by loversopolite
Headers credits